Nagvis Deprecated?

I found the following in the changelog for OMD-Labs

DEPRECATION WARNING: the following components are deprecated and will be removed from the upcoming 3.x release:
_ - Nagios 3_
_ - Icinga 1_
_ - CheckMK_
_ - Nagvis_

from my understandig Nagvis is still maintained and updated.

Why is ist deprecated in the next OMD-Labs release?

they are only deprecated from omd-labs point of view, not neccessarily the project itself.

ok, why is that?

i find nagvis very useful.
so i have to install nagvis besides OMD-Labs 3.x in the future?

exactly. OMD was never a complete set of tools and you are totally encourage to add the tools you need. It is just a collection of things we use. You can easily add additional tools in the ~/local folders.

ok, thanks for the info.

but how can i add nagvis to OMD? just move the folder? what happens when i have to update OMD?

should i fork the whole OMD to do this?

ok, nevermind.

i think i can change my nagvis maps to thruk dashboards.
is there, maybe, a way to import nagvis maps to thruk?

no, there is no importer, i haven’t looked at the fileformat of nagvis maps yet. But would be handy of course. Pull requests are welcome :slight_smile:

ok, maybe i can try :smiley:

in nagvis i have arrows wich point in both ways and can change their color based on performance data (10% = light green / 20% = green / 30% = dark green / 40% = yellow / …).
i have those in use for router / switch traffic.

is there a way i can do the same in thruk? i only see color options for the whole arrow (not 2 colors for upload/download) and only for “ok / warning / critical” state.

sounds like you cannot map things 1:1 into dashboards. Maybe its easier to use thruk for new dashboards only.

the ./local files are not touched during an update, so its safe to install things there. omd update only changes files which came from omd itself.