Nagvis autorisation integration with icinga web 2

(Proquibas) #1

Hi all, I successfully installed and configured Nagvis. I can acces to nagvis using local authentication. Now I want to integrate it with Icinga Web 2 and I’m following the steps in
Whe finished to configure as in this guide I cannot acces to nagvis. If I access to Nagvis category in Icinga Web 2 (with the console opened in Chrome), the page is blank and it returns a 500 error. If I try to acces to the nagvis url the same 500 error appears.
I’m a bit confuse with the step " Switch NagVis to PHP-FPM", wha’ts the exact changes I have to made?
If I comment this lines from nagvis.ini


I can acces but in Icinga Web 2 it ask me for user/pass
Thanks you.