NagVis Automap widescreen resolution display problem


Hi people,

As you can see from the attached screenshot, when I’m using widescreen resolution in NagVis Automap doesn’t use the right area of the screen (whatever i reconfigure the resolution) - used map area is always square!?

Anyway to have it display to use whole rectangle area of widescreen resolution?


It depends on the number of dependencies and/or the renderMode.


It’s slightly better with other render modes, but still there’s unused space on the right - only circular rendering mode is giving some better result.

I would like to set it up with undirected mode (first screenshot), but alas.


When objects like webdav… have grandchildren the view will expand to the right of the screen ;-).


Nope, experimented pretty much with all kinds of resolutions, rendering, grandchildrens and zoom levels - the usable map area is always perfect square…


Well. Then it might depend on the NagVis version (which I actually doubt). An older version than yours shows an automap in a rectangle sized about 2:1.