Nagvis Authentication: SQqlite + LDAP - Need help to configure!

Hello everybody!

We would like to setup our Nagvis to use BOTH ldap and sqlite authentication.
It means, when username doesn’t exist is local auth.db Database, then try to authenticate it via ldap.
Is it possible? If YES, how should we configure it?

I tried to enable the following in httpd config (or in .htaccess file)
AuthType Basic
AuthBasicProvider file audi-ldap
AuthUserFile /nagios/nagvis/nagvis/etc/htpasswd.users
but then in both cases I lost the login page in Nagvis, and get a basic logon window in browser (request username / password). There I was able to logon with AD user, or users from htpasswd.users file, but NOT from old users exist in Sqlite (users table).

Does anybody any idea or suggestion? :wink:

Thanks in advance!



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