Nagvis 1.9.8 install failed on Ubuntu 18.04

(Szilard Krachun) #1

Dear Community!

I’m not sure, this is the best place for my topic, but I couldn’t find any other Nagvis support forum. Please don’t hesitate to recommend me a better one if you think that i’m at the wrong place.
I can’t install Nagvis on Ubuntu. Of course Nagios 4.4.1 is installed. I also installed the graphviz and sqlite3 packages, so the script only complains about the missing apache module mod_php. If i run apachectl -M the php7_module is listed, so I think the module is loaded. Do you have any recommendation for solving that kind of problem?

Thank you in advance:



Hm. Looking at the script I’d say the routine tries to get the modules in check_apache_php():

MODPHP=find $DIR -type f -exec grep -ie "mod_php.*\.so" -e "libphp.*\.so" {} \; | tr -s " " | cut -d" " -f3 | uniq

and post the findings later on but it won’t break.

A quick hack would be to add something like the following line after MODPHP=...:

[ -z “$MODPHP” ] && MODPHP=$(apachectl -M | grep php7_module | awk ‘{print $1}’)