NagVis 1.9.8 - Gadget labels gets reset to 0,0 after a refresh


I’ve opened a Github ticket regarding any issues, but it has not been picked up for since several days now, so I’m asking/raising it on here too.

As per the ticket:

I’m still getting this issue on NagVis 1.9.8 in Nagios XI 5.6.6.

Gadget labels are reset to top left corner (0,0,) after a reset, in normal mode. It does not seem to do this when in edit mode.


Can anybody look in to this labelling issue? I can’t add labels to my gadgets properly because of this issue.

In an installation running NagVis 1.9.5 I see labels appearing in the upper left corner of the display during a refresh and being placed at the correct locations. When the refresh is complete there are no labels in the upper left corner. Firefox / IE make no difference…

As per the Github ticket, the Nagios XI v5.6.6 setup is using NagVis v1.9.8.

I’m using Chrome if that makes any difference. I will try Firefox and IE/Edge to compare against.

I’ve just tried in IE (11.x) and Firefox (65.0.2) and it behaves exactly the same:

I enable editing for the map. I move the gadgets and the labels appears below it (after being on the top left of the map). I disable editing, and after a refresh the gadget labels move to the top left of the map.

Note that this does not seem to be the case for all gadgets, some do not get reset to top left. I don’t know the pattern for which gadget labels get reset to top left. And sometimes after a map draw refresh the gadget labels even appear back in the correct position.

I don’t think this is a browser issue. It seems to be the map editor/viewer issues and how the labels are drawn.

It’d be interesting to know which ones might be faulty… Maybe it’s possible to fix them or at least give a workaround.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that different types of gadgets behaved differently.

In my example, I using gadgets that use the gadget_url type ‘std_html_bar.php’.

I have multiple of these on the map and they have labels enabled:

label_show = yes

Other label options are left as default.

In Edit Mode the labels would appear initially on top left, until you move the gadget. But after getting out of Edit Mode and there is a redraw/refresh most of the gadget labels would appear in the top left of the map, some stays under the gadget. In some cases, after another refresh/redraw some labels would appear back under the gadget.

Any update on this issue?

It’s very irritating to have the labels broken like this.