Mysql query problem


(rico.neumann) #1

Hello everyone,
i Have a problem whit a mysql-query. i think this is a problem whit the sign ````.
These sign is mandatory for these query. On the same Server runs more querys and works. But these query has only a Erroroutput when i execute it on CLI. Otherwise there is no output. it lacks the complete check in icinga2, even in the LOGS missing the entry or the error. Must I have to replace the character `` or enter it with brackets?
Please Help

Best Regard Rico

vars.msql_query[“JobStorage Activities”] = {
mysql_query_database = “JobStorage”
mysql_query_query = “SELECT count(*) FROM JobStorage.Jobs where vhost = ‘/lea-production’ and single_thread like ‘sendFollowUpCampaignActivities%’ and (when is null or when <= now());”
mysql_query_label = “JobStorage”
mysql_query_warning = 250
mysql_query_critical = 1000
check_interval = 15m

(Chris) #2

try to change the type of the quotes in the query

From the ticks to the single quotes, then try again

(rico.neumann) #4

Hello Thank you Chris for your reply.
There was an Syntaxerror near by the qurey. The real Error was a duplicate “}”. The sign ```` works in the query.
Thank you for your help
Best Regard Rico