MYSQL check on Director

Hello Everyone!
I only recently started using Icinga2 Director, so im a noob.
I have a windows server with mysql on it. The basic checkings are working, but when i tried to add “check_mysql_health” on the director, the output was the following:
Command “C:\Program Files\ICINGA2/sbin/check_mysql_health” --hostname failed to execute: 2, “The system cannot find the file specified.”
What should i do?

besides some of the default checks, most of them do not run on windows, as they were never intended to.

I would suggest running such checks on a linux system or write your own powershell scripts if you want to use windows.

And what about the mssql_check? Same problem…

You need a plugin which can be executed on Windows, and manage that by yourself. Either MySQL, or MSSQL. If you cannot do that, it might be a better idea to remotely check the service port and queries, with an exclusive monitoring user allowed from your master’s ip address.

Where can i get that plugin for windows?

I’ve heard that someone compiled the plugin with perl into a windows standalone binary. I don’t recall the procedure nor the link though. Google should help you here.