Multiple notification types for single notification apply rule

(Shivank Malik) #1

Can we send multiple types of notifications (email & pager) in a single notification apply rule? I was able to setup 2 separate notifications, one for email and another for pager. But I was wondering if this can be done with a single notification apply rule?

I tried creating a custom NotificationCommand which checks if a user has an email it sends an email otherwise checks for pager and sends one. But if-else does not seem to work properly on that.


I have not checked it.
My idea would be to define one single notification command that fills the environment with both the email and the sms. The notification command will then call the notification script with that environment, giving you a chance to do your logic in the notification script but the notification command.

(Shivank Malik) #3

I was trying to avoid creating a script for this, but it looks like this cannot be done in the NotificationCommand. I will try to create a notification script. Thank you!