Most hosts' services won't be displayed since 1.5.0p8

(Raphaël Berlamont) #1


I migrated my site from 1.5.0p5 to 1.5.0p8 (to get the backup working again). But now, in the web interface, all but 3 hosts (on 24), have no service displayed when I click on them. When I click on “All services” in the left menu, I have all my 717 services correctly displayed, grouped by hosts. But if I click on a host name that have services, like this one : , the page is empty : .

If it can help, the only three hosts that can display services are the 3 firsts if I sort the host list by name.

Should have I done something during the migration ?


(Volker A Mönch) #2


1.5.0p9 should fix this problem. It is available now.


(Raphaël Berlamont) #3

I confirm, it works perfectly. Thx !