More prominent link to the old archived forum

(Julian Hein) #1


great work Michi.

Just as a suggestion: Maybe you could place a more prominent link to the old, archived version. Somewhere in the header or the hamburger menu.


(Michael Friedrich) #2

Hi Julian,

thanks a lot for the suggestion :+1: Modifying the header/menu is really hard currently. I tried to do so with the Legal Notice, and decided to move it into the footer after a while.

I’ll look into possibilities the next days, this should be doable with custom CSS/HTML in some way. Maybe I’ll also write a small plugin, which does that. I’ve seen for example the Akismet plugin adds a new menu entry for admins. Still I need to learn EmberJS for that :smiley:


(Jan Doberstein) #3

if you like to know how to add a menu like in the graylog community on top - just let me know.

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(Michael Friedrich) #4

Awesome, thank you. You’ve got mail :slight_smile:

(Michael Friedrich) #5

This isn’t forgotten, I plan to look into it tomorrow or on Sunday.

(Michael Friedrich) #6

This is live and explained here: New platform (work in progress)

(Michael Friedrich) #7

Discourse community members have now created a theme extension for such header icons, which already is live here. You won’t recognize a change, it is just more upgrade safe and easier to configure for admins :slight_smile: