Hi ,
I have Installed check_mk. In GUI I’m able to see all other tabs other than Monitoring Tab.
It is showing Some error like
"Your web server cannot create the directory /etc/nagios/check_mk/multisite.d, or cannot set the group to nagios or cannot set the permissions to 0770. Please make sure that:

  • the base directory is writable by the web server.
  • Both Nagios and the web server are in the group nagios.

Reason: [Errno 13] Permission denied: ‘/etc/nagios/check_mk/multisite.d’"

I previously I created those folders what it is expecting .
There I’m not able to see any hosts in check_mk page.
How can I resolve this error .


How did you install check_mk?
Seems like you used the source code to install it on top of your existing nagios.

It is recommended to use the omd version of check_mk:

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