Monitoring VMWare Environment

Hi Monitörheads,

I’ve been using for a few VMWare environments.

But this is not enough for me, I want to have more details, so I tried to use other plugins.

But all of the Plugins erquire a running VMWare Perl SDK.

So I tried installing it on a new blank CentOS 7 Server.

But I failed for many different reasons and came across this thread: The Pain and Fury of vmware-cli on CentOS 7

So my question is: What do you use for VMWare Monitoring? Which Plugins? Using Perl SDK?

I also came accross the VMWare Automation REST API which seems a good Idea, but also there is not all information I want.

I’m searching for details about:

  • Service State (like hostd etc.)
  • VMWare Alarms
  • Datastore Usage
  • CPU Load (Host)
  • RAM Usage (Host)
  • Network Bandwidth (Host)

Thanks for any input on this.

I’ve didnt test it yet, but the vsphere module should be able or soon be able to check the most out of the box.
Maybe you give it a try

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But the director has to be installed, as this modules uses libs of the director.
If you are using Icinga2 with DSL only (like me) you have to wait, till these libs are separated available