Monitoring Switchports - Question


i have a couple of switches in my OMD Labs Edition which i am monitoring. Some of them have switch ports that are going down and up over the day or week what is a normal bahavior.

But, i do not want to get inventory messages about ports that are vanished or not monitored, i want to monitor all ports regardless of theire state. Iventory should give me ALL ports of that switch. then i can create a rule that ignores up or down states.

The Problem is that inventory shows me only ports available they are in UP state.

Any suggestions how i could handle that?


You should be able to achieve that by adding a rule “Network interface and switch port discovery” with the option “Network interface port states to discover” enabled and “up” and “down” checked.

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thx, that was exactly what i was looking for.

BTW, i use OMD Labs Edition, so why should this Post be moved to check_mk?


OT: It is fine to keep it in the OMD Labs category, so that others know which application you are using. Just assign a tag to the post which highlights checkmk.