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Hi there,

I was wondering if it’s possible to view all the threads in the old Forum that I personally started. There are several thread I started over the months that I do not remember exactly. By viewing all my old threads at once I want to avoid creating a new Topic that already exists in the old Forum.



(Michael Friedrich) #2

The archive is linked in the upper right corner, you can nagivate there like you are used to. You can even login into your account if you want.



I see. But my question aims more towards the ability to list all the topics I started at a glance. I have not kept track of all the topics I started. Therefore it would be nice if there was a way (even in the old forum) to just dig up the the topics that one started himself.

(Michael Friedrich) #4

Unfortunately I don’t know if Woltlab supports such a thing.

You’ve got six pages and 117 posts in the old forum, and a post range from May til November 2017. I would say you can manage that.

Is there anything specific you are looking for, unanswered topics, or similar?


Thank you, that does it for me. I’ll just save the link you supplied. But let me ask you, could I have pulled up that info myself or could you only do this as you’re an admin?

(Michael Friedrich) #6

You could have done it by yourself :wink:

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Thanks for the additional info.