Monitoring legacy servers

(Michael Klug) #1


I have to monitor a lot of legacy systems which are running sles11. As with icing2 2.10 Netways has stopped to build packages for sles11 I would be interested how others are solving this. I am aware that there is a backwards compatibility for 2 versions regarding the cluster connection. This means I would be fine to install 2.12 on the master and newer servers but from that point on no further updates would be possible.
My major problem is. that these servers are located offsite without a newer server around so I can not use one satellite and than ssh checks.
I guess doing ssh checks through the VPN tunnel will be my only option?

Or maybe there is a possibility to build the packages?

I am thankful for any good tips :slight_smile:

(Kevin Honka) #2

I would suggest trying to build your own packages and talk to the devs if it is possible.
If it isn’t your best bet is to setup a new server there