Monitoring cron jobs

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Hi all,

My company would like to monitor cronjobs, especially when they return an error or don’t run for whatever reason. I’ve found a couple of services out there that seem to fit the bill, like and, but would be very happy if we can do this with our Icinga setup.

Is this possible?

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quick web search gave me this:

haven’t tried it though.

you could also let the cronjob itself update a passive service check in your monitoring with an OK, if all was successful. And reset the check to critical automatically, when there is no OK state input for some time (freshness check)

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Hey thanks for replying. I did find that one also before, but I guess I was wondering if this was still a solid way since the article is from 2012 (and so is the plugin). Maybe I’ll just try in in this way, if nobody here can tell me otherwise :slight_smile: