Missing configuration on icingaweb2 to intergrate pnp4nagios graphs

(soumaya) #1


I have been trying since 3 days to add the graphs into every service on icingaweb2 but I didn’t find any solution!

I have installed :

icinga2 : version r2.8.4-1
icingaweb2 : version 2.5.3
pnp4nagios version 0.6.26 

My operating system is Ubuntu Xenial 16.04.4 LTS

Everything is working fine, but my problem is that when I go into Overview -> hosts -> Hostname (e.g monitor) -> services -> service-name I don’t find any graphs :frowning:

Here is my PNP graphs

When I go to the service to see the graphs, here is what I get

The action_url takes me to the pnp4nagios page, but there is no graphs showed in here!

If anybody knows where is the missing configuration please help me

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Please don’t duplicate topics, this makes it hard to keep track of what’s the current question or problem. I’ll close here in favour of Pnp4nagios not showing the graphs per services

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