Migrate from MySQL to Postgres


Can someone describe the required steps to migrate a running Icinga setup from Mysql to Postgres?

The first step would be to create some kind of dump.
Is there an easy way to “transform” the database and tables?
After this step I have to install “icinga2-ido-pgsql” which will remove “icinga2-ido-mysql”.

(Roland Sommer) #2

If you don’t need history it’s just to reconfigure icinga2-ido for PostgreSQL. If you want to migrate history and/or are using the director, then it’s like a new installation of these database(s) and migrate the data.


It would be nice to keep the history :slight_smile: Do you know how to migrate the data?

(Roland Sommer) #4

No, I’m sorry. But I’d assume this just a “normal/usual” database migration scenario and there a lot of tools available.

Google throws e.g. this first search result regarding this topic.