Memory win show used issue


Hi all,

I am having a bit of an issue with the memory win check. For about a year now I have graphs that are really inverted. Instead of there being a peak upwards when too much memory is being used, I will see a dip and the norm will show itself as a (fairly) straight horizontal line when not used. It’s always been like this for my Icinga setup. It looks like this as an example:


But, well, that’s not really how I’ve done monitoring in the past and not what I would expect to see. So I noticed that since last year there is a new parameter for the windows memory check and that is


So i made a custom variable with that name and set it as boolean - true/false as possible values. But that doesn’t seem to work, the graphs are still showing the crit/warning line at the bottom in the overview and now it’s alerting with a critical as I had it set to default and introduced a crit of 95% and warning of 90% and if the memory_win_show_used is not working, of course it wants to see crit 5% and warn 10%.

Am I talking gibberish? Anyway, I was wondering, is this the correct way to use memory_win_show_used?

thanks, nice weekend to all

ps i think this should have been in plugins - windows - sorry :frowning: