Matrix notification scripts


(Denny Fuchs) #1


just a short hint: instead of sending mails, we use our Matrix instance to send notifications.
We used the default mail notification scripts and changed the parts, to send messages into a chatroom. These scripts can be found here: Icinga2 push request

May some other find them useful too.

(Thomas Widhalm) #2

I like the idea of providing more integrations to other messaging plattforms. I hope this gets used one way or the other.

(Michael Friedrich) #3

There’s a general discussion about those notification scripts going on. I for myself would e.g. rewrite everything in Python and use the power of a scripting language (bash is super hard for me). See what’s possible here: Notifications with Grafana graphs

On the other hand, could this made somewhat generic, where to put the logic, and so on. It would for example be nice to have things like pagerduty or sms natively integrated as well. Still, one needs to maintain them. That’s probably the most difficult part, as a directory called contrib/ won’t exist long enough until being broken.

I haven’t looked into the PR yet, but will add my thoughts there as well.