Maps Module Issue / Data Field Geolocation can only assigned to Services, not to Hosts

Hi Guys,

I configured the Data Field with:
Field Name: geolocation
Caption: Location
Data Type: Location(MapDatatype)

When i create a new Service, the custom properties show up:

When i create a Host, i cant see the custom Field but i want to assign the geolocation to Hosts, not to Services.

Does anyone has an idea why its only assignable to services??

Did you add the field to the host template, like you did to the service template?

I Tried, but the Host Template also does not show the Custom Property…

Can you share your host template and service template configuration?

this is one example … no custom properties

You will have to add the geolocation field to the template.
For this go to the “Fields” tab in the host template and add the geolocationfield from the dropdown menu.

After this you will have the field under “Custom properties”.

Same goes for the service template

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Wow this was the solution, thank you very much!!