Map-module feature request for downtime and different icons

(Tweak19) #1

Hi there,
i’m using since short time the new map-module with my own osm tile server and it works really great. But now i got troubles that all my devices with defined downtime shown as down in the map and that makes my employees a little bit nervous.

Would it be possible to hide hosts with downtime?
And my second question is, is it possible to change the icons?

Kind regards

(Nicolai) #2


there is an ongoing discussion how to treat acknowledged / downtime hosts and services (issues #66 and #69 on GitHub). For now you could use the Icinga Web 2 filters to show only hosts which are not in downtime, by appending the filter to the map URL:


You could change the icons of the markers to all by Icinga Web2 supported icons (see Documentation -> Developer Style -> Icons). To set the icon to something different, you have to add a custom variable to your Host or Service object like this:

object Host "map-host" {
  vars.marker_icon = "cubes"

Please note that for now this feature is only supported by the current GIT master.

Cheers Nicolai