Mail notification is not working anymore

(Marek) #1

I have been running Check_MK for a year. Installed on a Debian 9. Mail over ssmtp worked without problems until two days ago. Now I do not get a mail notification. There was nothing changed on the system. Mail test via console works without problems. I would be very grateful for a tip I could control.

Thank you Marek

(Philipp Näther) #2

First you can set the notification log level in global settings to “full dump”. After that, check the log ~/var/log/notify.log for errors.

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(Marek) #3

Thank you for the fast answer,

that’s the result of my test:

2019-05-22 15:44:39 Preparing rule based notifications
2019-05-22 15:44:39 Found 0 user specific rules
2019-05-22 15:44:39 Global rule ‘Nyx’…
2019-05-22 15:44:39 -> matches!
2019-05-22 15:44:39 - adding notification of mm via mail
2019-05-22 15:44:39 Executing 1 notifications:
2019-05-22 15:44:39 * notifying mm via mail, parameters: host_subject, from, service_subject, bulk: no
2019-05-22 15:44:39 executing /omd/sites/nyx/share/check_mk/notifications/mail
2019-05-22 15:44:41 Output: Spooled mail to local mail transmission agent

The e-mail has not arrived yet. Where can I find „local mail transmission agent“
Many Thanks