Looking fpr a plugin to check if a certain interface does have specific IP

(Hans Gruber) #1

Hello everyone,
i have 3 hosts here, usinfg keepalived, and a floating IP for keepalive.
eac host has the bond0 interface with it’s normal LAN IP (172.24.3.x) , and the keepalived master also has a seconf IP bound to bond0 interface, in this case
Is there a plugin in nagios which allow me th check, if interface bond0 has the .48 IP? This was i would ba able to see in nagios/icinga which one of the 3 nodes currently hast the floating IP on interface bond0.
I was not able to find a plugin in the vast amount of plugins in nagios exchange. And before putting together an own script, i thought i give it a shot here, maybe you know something that i don’t.

Thanks already !