(Michael Friedrich) #1

Icinga 2 Book

The German version can be obtained here.


The authors are working on a new 2nd revision which should then be translated to English (according to them).

(Michael Friedrich) #2

(Thomas Widhalm) #3


Thanks for mentioning our book. Yes, an English translation is definitely a thing we want to be. While we can not any make promises we are working hard to make it happen.

There is a second edition in the making and this as far as I can tell this will be translated.


(Val) #4

THanks for working on this! I would love to buy a book in English! Know nothing in German :smiley:

(Daniel) #5

The first version was great! A second version with icinga director would be fantastic. Is a publish date available?

(Thomas Widhalm) #6

Thanks! We don’t have an exact publish date right now. All I can tell you is that we passed the 500 page threshold and hope to get into review very soon.

(Thomas Widhalm) #7

Seems like Amazon already lists the 2nd edition for preorder:

As soon as I can tell you more details about the english version I’ll keep you updated.