Literature for the programming language C

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Hi guys

I’m just coming up to you in this forum with a slightly different question: I already had the programming language C as a lecture in the first semester, but there was a reference to literature that didn’t appeal to me at all.

Since all of you come from practical experience and there are probably some of you who taught yourself C, I wanted to know if you have any literature tips with which you can cover the basics again, but also go into depth.

The reason why I’m asking is that I just try to read myself into Linux, operating systems and security related topics (exploits, etc.) and somehow a lot of things are still based on C!

So I am very happy about any contributions!

Thank you and best regards

(Michael Friedrich) #2

Kernigham/Ritchie is still a good source to start with C basics. I prefer the English version over the German one.

In terms of more advanced example based learning, I’ve found “C von A bis Z” really helpful. Don’t buy the C++ book from the same author though, this contains too many C-style patterns.

The most knowledge I’ve gained in terms of Linux itself was to help users on this platform with Icinga 1.x and analyse the code, learn from specific problems. During my studies, I’ve mainly learned hardware programming, Linux/Unix with kernel, fork, waitpid is a whole new world then.

One thing I’ve learned during my studies as well as Assembler, this especially is helpful when programming micro controllers with inline ASM in C. Depends where you’re heading at though.

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Ordered directly, the second book is a bit intimidating because of its thickness, but I’m gonna make it.:smile::muscle:t3:
Thank you so much Michi!

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Kerrighan/Ritchie is a classic and was my start with C. I completely agree, the english version is much better.
But the book is from the 80’s and doesn’t cover modern standards (C99 and C11).

For the new stuff “Modern C” from Jens Gustedt is pretty good and is also published by the author under CC license here. It covers the basics in C and the new(er) features not mentioned in “The C programming language”.

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Sounds interesting, I’ll order it later.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

I just want to say THANK YOU, because the literature you’ve provided was just awesome and helped a lot! Modern C was just updated and released some days ago (Oct, 2019), you can download the newest version here.

It’s really impressive how much we haven’t covered in university… In any case, you take a lot of details and knowledge with you.

Cheers :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: