Line type - bandwidth usage - values in human readable form



With a the Line Type set to show bandwidth usage - for example:


The value and unit used is shown in Bytes.

How can this be changed to (automatically?) use Megabytes or Gigabytes to make it more human readable?


It seems that the values are taken from the performance data.

There is no option to adjust the display of values. If you have a counter value, what should be the unit instead of “c”?


I’m using check_iftraffic64 (successor to check_iftraffic3) as suggested in:

Sorry I don’t understand that question. Please can you clarify what you mean.


There are several values of type COUNTER retrieved by an SNMP call. The performance data shows something like “1234567c” (UOM “c”). Converting that to “1.235Kc” looks quite odd.


An check_iftraffic64 command I’m using is:


So I don’t think I have done anything out of the ordinary?

And an example output is:

OK - Average IN: 2.97KB (0.00%), Average OUT: 3.48KB (0.00%)Total RX: 19.21GBytes, Total TX: 23.65GBytes|inUsage=0.00%;85;98 outUsage=0.00%;85;98 inBandwidth=2972.08B outBandwidth=3475.18B inAbsolut=19214062705c outAbsolut=23653258264c

Is the perfdata not in the right format? It is the default format so why/how would this not be correct for NagVis?


Looking at the performance data I’d say that the bandwidth is shown as 2972.08B / 3475.18B. I agree that showing fractions of bytes is not helpful. It might be possible to adjust the output format to show 2972B / 3475B instead. Altering the performance data to 2.972KB / 3.475KB will break your graphs.
The performance data shows inAbsolut=19214062705c outAbsolut=23653258264c, too. These are values of counters. How would you alter that?


Apoligies for the delay - I’ve been out of office.

The output from has the first line in human readable form, but obviously the perfdata line are counter values.

I’m not sure why you are asking me “How would you alter that?”. I’m hopeing/expecting that NagVis can convert these counter values in to human readable form too. That is why I have raised this post.


To my knowledge NagVis doesn’t offer any options to present values in a kind of scientific manner (e.g n.nnn [KMGT]B).


How can I put in that feature request?

I’m used to this kind of humanised formatting when using Network Weathermap.