Issue With FreeBSD Agent

(Chris Gregson) #1

Hi guys - I’ve followed the official guide to install the check_mk agent on FreeBSD 11.2.

However - when performing a telnet from my monitoring server I get ‘connection closed by foreign host’.

netstat -an shows

tcp4 0 0 *.6556 . LISTEN

Is there something else that is required to get the check_mk agent working on FreeBSD 11.2?


(Philipp Näther) #2

Are you able to run the agent as root on cmd line on the freebsd host?

(Chris Gregson) #3

Yep - Seems to run correctly.


Version: 1.5.0p7
AgentOS: freebsd
/dev/da0p2 ufs 9635740 2460464 6404420 28% /
/dev/da0p2 / ufs rw 1 1

(Chris Gregson) #4

Yep - It seems to run correctly when invoking check_mk_agent

(Chris Gregson) #5

Fixed this now - there was an error in my syntax in my /etc/services file. I was missing check_mk_agent argument at the end of the command.