Issue with adding Icinga2 service 'memory-windows' using puppet

  1. Installed Icinga2 client on Windows.

  2. By default, it is monitoring the services ping4, ping6, disk, load,icinga, procs, swap, users and looks good.

  3. I want o add check_memory service. So added memory-windows service as shown below in puppet manifests file

::icinga2::object::service { 'memory':
        target => 'C:/ProgramData/icinga2/etc/icinga2/conf.d/services.conf',
        apply => true,
        import => [ 'generic-service' ],
        check_command => 'memory-windows',
        assign => [ ' == NodeName' ],            
  1. After puppet apply, services.conf became empty.

Can someone please help on this.