Is it possible to Link the custom URL to a mssql "field"?


We use a tool (docusnap) for “it emergency handbook”, there you can find processes and assets. This is used also for documentation of processes. This tool works on a MS 2012 with MS SQL database.
I use the BI (business intelligence) module in CheckMK for visualisation some processes. And if any service in the bi is critical, the checkmk send a notify with a custom notes url where you can find the documentation of this process.
So I can use html, but is it possible to get the information out of the sql database, so that I can send the current information that is in the database?
Hope you understand my bad englisch and my issue.


(Philipp Näther) #2

I do not know if it the easiest way but the first thing that came to my mind is to add some code to the mail script.

if it is a service you want the sql info for then do an sql query and add it to the mail body