Is anyone using trappola?

Herr Gelf’s trappola looks quite interesting and would probably be the best solution for us but it’s labeled experimental. Has anyone tried it?


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It is experimental, so I wouldn’t recommend it for production yet. I for myself haven’t looked at it, I am waiting for a beta to test.

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I’d also be totaly happy if this would go to at least a beta since SNMP Traps are still a thing and all efforts of integrating a system capable of handling Traps within our Icinga2 setup have failed pretty missrably.

Since the last commit was 26th of August 2016 my hopes in general are not that high to see a beta soon. I would not go as far as to call it abandoned, but it sure ain’t active.

Anyone in contact with Thomas Gelf that could ask what kind of help he would need to get the project going again? While i probably am not much help on the programming side i can provide testing with a relatively wide array of devices as they pass through our workshop or sit in my little private Test Enviroment.

Thomas is really busy these days, and bound into other projects and customer projects. Likewise everyone doing dev or consulting at NETWAYS.

I have heard that SNMP monitoring is a thing in 2018. Let’s see what the future brings with community and customer requests, sponsoring, design concepts and possible implementations.

Very understandably, thanks for the update on the matter!