INVALID CHAR in NagVisCompressed.js



It looks there is a problem with v1.9.14 and Internet Explorer 11.
After update our NagVis, none of the maps (nor NagVis menu) didn’t worked anymore in IE11!!!
Other browsers were OK…

After some debugging, I found the following error in IE Development Tools:
Invalid Chars in NagVisCompressed.js (Row 4631, Column 23)

Once I changed all GRAVE ACCENT ( ` ) chars in file, it worked again:

nagios@iumg136> diff NagVisCompressed.js.orig nagvis-js/js/NagVisCompressed.js

< ltp[0].style.filter = saturate(${saturate_percentage}%)

ltp[0].style.filter =‘saturate(${saturate_percentage}%)’

< window.location.hash = ${new_center.lng}/${}/${g_map.getZoom()};

window.location.hash = ‘${new_center.lng}/${}/${g_map.getZoom()}’;

I guess this problem is related to: TEMPLATE LITERALS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY IE11
For example:`

I have checked, and this file “nagvis-1.9.14/share/frontend/nagvis-js/js/NagVisCompressed.js” doesn’t exist in SOURCE CODE, so I guess it has been created during installation…

Could you please check and fix it if possible, as we still have so many computers with Internet Explorer 11!

Thanks in advance!

Gabor Takacs
AUDI Monitoring Team


In the root directory of the extracted gz-archive you’ll find the file install_lib. Starting in line 61 it shows

cmp_js() {
    pushd $1 >/dev/null
    cmp ExtStacktrace.js
    cmp ExtLeaflet.js
    cmp nagvis.js

so NagVisCompressed.js is created using multiple js files.
Maybe you can alter the relevant one(s) and use this as a workaround…


The two strings you found are in ViewWorldmap.js and seem to be the only ocurrences of the accent grave in the js files.


Hi Wolfgang,

First of all, thanks for your help!
I’ve found those part in ViewWorldmap.js, will change code there and start install again. :wink:
Hope in next version it will be modified to support IE11 also…