Install on UbuntuServer18.04

(DataSam) #1

icinga-web2 is limited to 2.4 in ubuntu 14.04. i tried do-release-upgrade in testing machine, which does not work, because of ubuntu changed too much i guess.

so i have to migrate, but then i want to use ubuntu 18.04. Server installation is fine, but icinga installation run straight into error of unsolved dependecies, after adding icinga bionic sources.

What went wrong, and what is your recommendet solution to get my installation from ubuntu 14.04 to work?
i thought about sql update source in director?

(Roland) #2

I’ve done some new installations of Icinga2 and Icingaweb2 on Ubuntu 18.04 without any issues. However, you’ll need to have the component universe be activated in your sources.list, which I’d assume is currently not.

(DataSam) #3

ok, this was the fault. Thank you.