Icingaweb2 vspheredb does only work with proxy?



why do i have to specify a proxy when i want to configure a esxi server for icingaweb2-module-vspheredb?

i have to choose one, i cannot save the config without choosing a proxy. but i don’t have or need a proxy. i don’t understand the need for it. the documentation does not say anything about proxies…

can somebody enlighten me please? :smiley:


okay, after deleting the whole connection for the third time, somehow it works now.
strange behavior. must be something strange on my environment :-/

(Nicolai) #3

Choosing a proxy is not necessary. Just leave the default (- please choose -) as it is.


okay, thx, on the third try it worked for me. now i can add and remove a proxy. don’t know what was wrong the first time :-/