Icingaweb2 SNMP Trap module (receiver and handler)


(Patrick) #1


I’m starting a new project to receive & handle traps with these objectives :

  • only needs snmptrad from net-snmp to receive & handle traps
  • Icingaweb2 module to list received traps & configure rules
  • On trap received, push status to service(s) and host(s) depending on rules
  • Trap name resolution with ability to import and analyse vendor mibs

Project is hosted here : https://github.com/patrickpr/trapdirector

First beta release will occur during the month (I hope ! ), For now, it should work with standard installation, but a lot of features are missing.

Feedbacks are welcome !


That could make working with traps a bit easier or less complicated :slight_smile:

Not using it very often, but would give it a try