Icingaweb2 can't fetch graphs from windows checks on Grafana



I configure an icinga+director+grafana+influxdb, the icingaweb2 can fetch all graphs except the graphs that use checks from windows, it’s that normal?
The grafana generate all the graphics, but icingaweb2 can’t show related to windows checks.

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(Michael Friedrich) #2

A little more details on your setup would help, especially the versions involved, some screenshots on how to reliably reproduce/understand your problem.


Grafana Version:

Icinga/IcingaWeb2 version:

File -> /etc/icinga2/features-enabled/influxdb.conf

library “perfdata”

object InfluxdbWriter “influxdb” {
host = “”
port = 8086
database = “database”
username = “username”
password = “password”
enable_send_thresholds = true
enable_send_metadata = true
flush_threshold = 1024
flush_interval = 10s
host_template = {
measurement = “$host.check_command$”
tags = {
hostname = “$host.name$”
service_template = {
measurement = “$service.check_command$”
tags = {
hostname = “$host.name$”
service = “$service.name$”

File -> /etc/icingaweb2/modules/grafana/config.ini
host = “”
protocol = “http”
defaultorgid = “1”
defaultdashboardstore = “db”
theme = “light”
datasource = “influxdb”
accessmode = “direct”
timerange = “6h”
version = “0”
timerangeAll = “1w/w”
defaultdashboardpanelid = “32”
shadows = “0”
debug = “0”
directrefresh = “yes”
height = “280”
width = “640”
enableLink = “no”
defaultdashboard = “icinga2”

Dashboard for Grafana:
icinga2-host.zip (2.3 KB)

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In the grafana dashboard the graph appear correctly

In the IcingaWeb2 nothing appear

I follow this installation steps
https://github.com/chrisss404/icinga2-influxdb-grafana but don’t use the dashboard that they said. I use this one https://grafana.com/dashboards/1572

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I create the graphs

Module grafana configuration
I change the access mode so you can see the error because in mode direct doesn’t show the error.

(Michael Friedrich) #6

Short summary - this topic is about a specific mode for the Grafana module where it times out on just one graph.

AFAIK the Grafana module for Icinga Web 2 has a debug option/log where you can extract the corresponding URL (correct me if I am wrong @Carsten) and troubleshooting further with a manual curl call against the Grafana API.

(Carsten Köbke) #7

Please dont use this dashboard for the module, its only a tech demo and the amount of graphs is dynamic. it will not work like you want. Use base-metrics or the dashboards that are shipped with the module or self created ones.



Thanks @Carsten and @dnsmichi it works perfectly, i didn’t know that we can change the graphs with queries.

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