IcingaWeb2 and domain-aware

Hi all,

Icinga2 Version r2.11.3-1
Icingaweb2 Version 2.7.3
OS: Debian

We have 2 Active Directory domains:
and new Domain _B

Domain_A is working with all functions like expected in Icinga2.
I’ve added a new Backend and a new Ressource for Domain_B, I am able to see all users from Domain_B.
I’ve added domain users from Domain_B to AD group in Domain_A e.g:

AD group in Domain_A=Test_Icinga
Users: User_A (from Domain A), User_B from (Domain_B).

If I open Authentication/User_Groups/Test_Icinga in Icingaweb2 I can see:

a blank line
a line with username of User_A

If I click on the blank line, I get this errormessage: Required parameter ‘user’ missing which makes sense, because no user was given (blank line)

If I remove User_B from AD group, Test_Icinga, the blank line is gone.
That means, something is wrong with my configuration, because all users of Domain_B are listed only with blank lines.

The second part is, a user from Domain_B is able to login to IcingaWeb2, but is not able to see any hosts/services which he is applied to.

have really no clue anymore, what kind of configuration I did wrong and hope, someone can help me.


I would recommend the icinga community. This forum is out of date.

Many thanks, posted the same question now in Icinga Community.