Icingaweb2 2.7.0 dashboard layout


We just recently updated our icingaweb2 installation to 2.7.0. Is it correct, that the order of the current incidents dashboard has changed?

Before the update the order was service problems, recently recovered services, host problems. As I use it on a smaller display it has a two column layout and it was fine.

Now the order of service and host problems swapped. First is host problems. As we have little host problems, in a two-column layout most of the screen is blank now, which is unfortunate:


We generally used the default dashboards and never changed them. Was this change intentionally and how to I change it back?

(Roland Sommer) #2

Not sure what you exactly mean. Therefore, please check this bug if it belongs to your issue.


Afaik, yes. There was an issue about the changed columns, but it was closed with a “won’t fix”:

There is still a open issue/feature enhancement for dashboard customization:

Atm you can re-arrange the default dashboard to the old layout by editing the dashboard.ini file.
To do this delete the current dashboard views via the web interfaces and re-create them with the same links but a slightly different name, similar to the dashboard shown in issue 3889 in the last screenshot