Icinga2 Windows agent logging options / config updates

Hi Team,

I have a multitenant setup with many different zones. I found that in the log file are entries for every ignored zone update. How can I disable these logging entries? Because I dont want the name of other customers written in log files on all other customers… Yes, I have the name of the customer in the zone and I dont want to change it since there is no possibility to move the zone configurations in different customer folders.
I cant find anything in the docs for this?
Thank you.

I checked that in my environment and can not find such entries at my clients. They just see the master.

Could you provide the name of the logfile (icinga2.log or debug.log) and an example snippet ?

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This sounds odd. Can you share the zones.conf from both your master and at least 2 clients? (obfuscate names, but keep them uniquely the same).

Hm maybe I have found a point, all these Config Zones are global zones. Thats because I have host and service templates that I sync to every client for the specific customer. On the Master and on every Client I have a zone configuration like the following exists:

object Zone "customer_templates"{
    global = true

Customer = the actual Name of t he customer.
In the Log it says:

warning/ApiListener: Ignoring config update for unknown zone 'abcdefgh_templates'.

I found this in the logs so far but currently I cant see it in the logs, I recently updated to 8.1. Maybe this changed, I will have a deeper look to the logs in the next weeks.

Thank you.

Global zones are synced to any endpoint. I wouldn’t add specific customer details to it, as this information is globally available. Reduce the amount of global zones to the least number possible.

Rather add the templates to your specific client zone, which likely exists already.

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