Icinga2 upgrade to 2.8.2 graphite writer suddenly stops sending data to remote server

Hello All,
i decided to upgrade to checkout the new security release of icinga2 and after the upgrade i noticed that my graphite setup suddenly stopped working.

I really do not have any evidence gathered, but i can say that when icinga2 is restarted the graphite writer starts working again, but after a couple of hours stopped logging performance data.

From the backend side nothing changed, since it’s a different server with no upgrades in the last 2 weeks. Unfortunately my icinga2 logs do not indicate any crash or error. I could only figure out that the writer did not sent data, my tcpdump on the graphite port i have configured my server.

Any clues or issues or fixes related to the new release that could affect graphite writer?

Currently i downgraded to 2.8.1 in order to have performance monitoring during the weekend, but i could test the new release again if needed to troubleshoot.

How’s the overall performance and health of that Icinga instance? Does it actually execute any checks? Enable the debug log to see such checkresult events being logged.

Hi Michael,
apologies for not replying earlier, i had other issues to attend to and i did leave the system in 2.8.1 at the time. I did though upgrade to 2.8.4, and the issue was not present any more.

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2.9 incorporates more (regression) fixes from 2.8.2, this is currently in QA mode before a release.