Icinga2 - SNMP on alternative port

Hi, we are using this plugin https://github.com/NETWAYS/check_interfaces for our SNMP monitoring.
We get infos about “CPU Load”, “Interfaces”, “Memory usage” and “System Info” from an security

Now we have the problem, that we have to switch on one appliance from 161/UDP to
1616/UDP, pls don’t ask why, we also don’t understand, maybe “obscurity”.

Is there any possibility that we can do it with this plugin? We tried IP:1616, but that
don’t worked. Is there any alternative do solve this?

I’m afraid, there’s no support for passing a different port implemented in that plugin. getopts() doesn’t propose any, neither does snmp_sess_init() set any.

Okay, dann schauen wir mal, was alternativ alles möglich ist.