Icinga2 single master setup migrating to ha master setup

Hi everybody,

I’m currently planning on “simply” adding another master node to my master zone so I could have a clustered ha setup.

I read through the documentation but some things are still unclear for me:

  • Its mentioned that a mysql cluster is recommended, but this could also be on the icinga nodes itself, I guess?
  • What about the performance data? Currently I’m using Carbon, Graphite and Grafana, how is this beeing synced and where is it saved? Or do I need to use influxDb to have a HA perfdata database?
  • What about the icingaweb2? As far as I can see there should not be a problem installing the icingaweb2 on both servers so that in case one goes down the webinterface is still precent.
  • The same question with the icinga2 director? Is there also an installation per node needed?

I currently think of completely creating 2 new icinga2 master server because I dont want to break my primary server when something goes wrong with the setup. What is your experience about that?

Thanks in advance for your help!