Icinga2 SAP monitoring (check_sap_health)


we are trying to check SAP idocs and send emails based on the idocs status.

To check our SAP system we are using the check_sap_health plugin (www.labs.consol.de/de/nagios/check_sap_health/index.html).

As for now we are getting the number of failed or broken idocs by the following plugin call.

check_sap_health --ashost [ip of host] --username [user] --password [password] --client 100 --r3name [realm]–sysnr [systemnumber]–mode ccms-mte-check --name “ICINGA2” --name2 “IDocs” --name3 “…\Outbound IDoc SAP: All IDocs 7 days\Outbound: Error in IDoc interface” --critcal 0

By --critical 0 we get a notification as soon as the number of failed or broken idocs surpasses zero.

Now we would like to check the error status of these idocs and inform our staff based on the error code.

Does someone know if this is achievable with check_sap_health or would there be another workaround?

Our next attempt would be to redirect the idoc error codes into a separate table and try to check on that with check sap health.