Icinga2 notifies on selected zone

(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #1

Hello guys.
I have two zones master and satellite. I was enable notification on both. then I created template on satellite and applied service notification for service.zone == satellite. I think it only sends alert from satellite, but I received alerts from both. I used latest version for icinga2 and director.
Pls help me.
Thank you.

(Aflatto) #2

can you share the actual template and apply rule ?
without those we can not do much to help

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(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #3

Hello, my config:


apply Notification “telegam-service-alert” to Service
import “telegam-service-alert-template”
interval = 2m
assign where service.zone == “satellite”

(Roland Sommer) #4

My recommendation is

assign where host.zone == ZoneName

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(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #5

I will try and tell you.

(Nguyen Huu Khoi) #6

It still sent alert on master and sallites.

(Roland Sommer) #7

You need to deploy these assignments on every node.