Icinga2 guru to hire ? ;)

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Taking my chance here… anyone here is available to work as-needed to help us with some of our config ?

We are having for the moment a master + 4 remote sat and we are working to have a couple more and also be able to “check” a bunch of stuff locally at each remote site…


Icinga offers support contracts or you can write one of ours partners

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Already did with a partners and they want to have a time bank upfront instead of a question/request here and there.

We are looking for something that can help us here and there without having to pay upfront a bank of XX hours that we will not use probably right now!


I’m not a sales person, but I don’t think something like that exists. You may be able to use the ‘Request a Quote’ form on the Support page to get a more qualified answer though.

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As an IT guy for the last 25 years… we are offering that kind of support to our client. They call/email us, we help and charge them the time.

I’m sure someone here that know icinga2 a lot will be happy to work a couple of hours here and there!

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I think someone who knows icinga2 a lot has a full time job with 50+ hours a week already. Not adding the time spent on giving community support. :smiley:

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That’s exactly what my employer does, still you need to plan with a certain budget up front (e.g. a day / 8 hours at minimum). Typically customers who don’t want/cannot afford a full support contract plan with a couple of days per year, and only pay what’s been logged for troubleshooting, bug fixing, etc.

Freelancers may hop onto the offer too, still I would suggest that they also plan with a minimum up front. “Some hours here and there” sounds a bit chaotic and not really something you can build a living on (imho).

I don’t think that you’ll find someone in here though, as this is a community platform, where users help each other for the fun and pride. Better go with platforms where you’ll put your requirements and specific offers, typically some freelance (bid) platforms. Beware of those calling themselves “Icinga experts”, as no such term nor certification exists. It is easy to find out though with a couple of specific questions going deep into the DSL or cluster functionality for instance.