Icinga2 configuration and limits

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Hey community,

Do you happen to know if the following configuration would work with Icinga2?

Master Zone

  • Masters: 4xMasters within same zone

Zone 1:

  • 4xSatellites within same zone
  • 12xClients with 4 satellites parents

Zone 2:

  • 2xSatellites within same zone
  • 12xClients with 2 satellites parents.


  • Would H/A work fine between masters?
  • Would H/A work fine between satellites within same zone?
  • Would H/A work fine between Clients within same zone?
  • Would Clients connect to 2nd satellite if 1st go down?
  • Would balancing work?

Thanks everyone for helping!

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More then 2 masters is discouraged and will cause syncing issues .
Having 4 satellites in a single zone should not be a problem, but why do you need so many, how many nodes /services do you have that you think you need a 4 way distribution to maintain reasonable operation ?

To answer your questions

  1. masters - sync would works between 2, 4 will cause a loop and instability within the system
  2. Endpoints defined in a zone are “aware” of each other, but they not sync files or data, each satellite is executing a task and pass the information back to the master, they do not transfer execution data with other nodes.
  3. Clients do not have HA, they are end targets and execute the checks locally.
  4. Clients do not “connect” to satellites, they report or receive, but yes you can define the client to have multiple “parent” satellites.
  5. what type or “balancing” are you referring to ?
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Hi @aflatto,

Thank you for the reply!

  • Got it with masters, no more than 2.
  • Going to have 22k hosts / around 600,000 services.
  • I thought clients ‘talk’ to satellites, and satellites forward ‘responds’ back to master. Am I wrong here?
  • I heard there are two options to have clients acting like: executing checks received by Satellite and 2nd option is to maintain the work of automatically balancing the work between all clients within a zone. Right?

But I’m not sure how to setup it to have 12+ clients within a same zone…

Any ideas? I’m also curious about https://github.com/Icinga/icinga2/issues/3533

That @dnsmichi mentioned that by design we can’t have more than 10 clients in a zone… Not sure what does it means :frowning:



I would go with the issue 3533 and not put more than two of anything inside the same zone.
Clients/Agents normally have their own endpoint and zone objects. They can also either have a master or a satellite as a parent.

This post looks very much like yours?! At least the key facts are nearly the same :smiley: