Icinga2 and Terraform

(Lucas Possamai) #1

Hi all.

I am migrating from Zabbix to Icinga2, and am trying to do it right from the beginning.
It was great to know that icinga2 has an integration with Terraform, however, I found it to be VERY limiting.

Take a look at my icinga2 services.conf file before Terraform:

apply Service for (http_vhost => config in host.vars.local_http_up) {
check_command = “http”
vars += config
display_name = “HTTP API [ up ] Status”
assign where host.vars.client_endpoint

Now, looking at the Terraform providers Icinga2 documentation, I cannot do that with Terraform at the moment?

Am I seeing it right? or it is possible?


(Lucas Possamai) #2

It does look like icinga and terraform are in early ages here. Terraform will have to update their code to do more with Icinga. In the meantime, I might as well use Puppet.