Icinga2 Agent Installation on Imaged Servers (ie Citrix)

Hi everybody,

I have created an automated setup for my icinga2 agents.
It does config generation, certificate signing and everything works great.

But now I need to Install the Icinga2 agent on imaged servers, for example a Citrix infrastructure.

I need to install the Icinga2 agent only on the master OS image and all the worker servers will boot from that image later on.

How should I ideally deal with:

  • the NodeName constant (In the docs it says its only set at installation)
  • the Certificates

Of course I could write an extra script for these images that:

  • write the nodename constant
  • do cert creation
  • reload the service
  • sign the new csr on the masters
    all after the system is booted but isn’t there a better way?

thanks for your ideas!

There are tools that help manage these functions ( Puppet,Chef come to mind) , but if you do’t want to use these then you will have to run the script you mentioned to register via the API.