Icinga2 agent configuration

(Nodermatt) #1

I’ve got a running Icinga2 setup with icingaweb2 plus icingadirector and want to try the agent based monitoring checks. Unfortunately I’m stuck in the installation because my icingadirector interface looks different from the pictures in the documentation.

As I understand, for windows machines one can use the powershell module to register nodes on the icinga2 master. As Linux configuration management is straightforward with Salt, Chef, or similar tools the icinga2 package can be easily installed in an automated way. Neverthless, after installing the package and setting the Icinga2 agent to “yes” in icinga director, I am not sure on how to continue.

Is it as easy as running the PKI new, save and request commands to enable the master to connect to the agents and deploy the configuration?

Cheers, Nic